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Beijing FAMETAL innovation equipment co., LTD (FAMETAL)is a modern high-tech enterprise that has been focused on the consoles over the past 15 years. Through strict supply chain management, customized product design, interactions with the customers, careful whole process production as well as excellent after-sales services, FAMETAL has grown into a global leader in the design manufacturing of intelligent consoles with a solid reputation at home abroad. The products of the company are not only sold in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions municipalities across China, but also are exported to the overseas markets, serving clients in over 200 sectors including the military, public safety, airport, transportation, petrochemical, electric power, finance, government energy.

The self-built console manufacturing base of FAMETAL, the largest one in Asia, is equipped with advanced processing equipment Germany Canada, which, together with FAMETAL’s ever-refining craftsmanship, strict supply chain management, enable FAMETAL to stay in the forefront of the industry in terms of manufacturing processes product quality. Multiple inspection procedures, including matory inspection of the key points, sampling check during the production process, rom inspection as well as final inspection before shipment, assure the customers of the quality of the products. Over the years, FAMETAL has cultivated hundreds of craftsmen in sheet metal processing, wood processing, surface preparation installation a team of engineers the manufacturing base that is dedicated to production, education research enable FAMETAL to lead the industry in terms of technologies.

What can we offer you
Ergonomics, user comfort efficiency. The pegasus console takes man-machine engineering as the basic principle of design, thinks for the operator practically, the vision, the hearing, the taste, the touch omni-directional 360 degree protects the user's comfort the high efficiency of the guarantee work.

The service is good, oneself guest think. Beijing feimaji is not only embodied in the human-machine-environment coordination, comfort efficiency, but also in the personalized customization, professional valve stem designer design scheme, assembly engineer assembly, 724 hours national after-sales service.

Environmental protection concept, throughout. FAMETAL products have passed ISO14001 enterprise environmental management system certification of international stardization organization, GREENGUARD of American UL national furniture indoor environment quality supervision inspection center certification.