In the Daze Coal Mine production control and command Center of China Coal Group, which is equivalent to the brain center of the coal mine, all the remote control posts of the coal mine are gathered, the location information of personnel and vehicles is updated in 1 second, the safety production data is analyzed in 2 seconds, and the production system is inspected in 3 seconds.
FAMETAL hopes to customize the exclusive modern command center visual overall solution for more chemical enterprises with professional products and services, jointly build a green and low-carbon global energy governance pattern, and make a modest contribution to beautiful China.
The new smart city is speeding up, and the smart carrier is becoming the standard
Highlight moment, strength witness! "Fametal" console won the "Oscar" in China Red Star Design Award
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The police big data platform has limited performance in the face of massive and discrete data. Fametal intelligent console overall solution provides a stack of big data application analysis services for the police.
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Fametal has built a smart console integrated solution for the marketing service center of a provincial power company and put it into use, helping customers to build a marketing system and improve the level of informatization.
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