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FAMETAL Pegasus has authoritative certifications to ensure the quality of our products. Strive for excellence and are supported by a rigorous organization. The Longzhi series console is designed for the construction of future command centers.

Product concept

Langzhi series LK intelligent platform is a highly integrated multi-functional workbench. LK adopts a single-seat design, which is composed of two parts: the platform body and the rear display. When used together with the rear display, it can become a set of independent charging unit, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized scenarios than the conventional console.

Fametal console
Fametal console

LK positioning

The equipment compartment of Langzhi series LK intelligent station can meet various equipment placement, wiring and maintenance, and at the same time, by carrying different professional systems, LK is suitable for public security, transportation, energy, government, power, military and other fields.

Design advantages
  • Fametal console
    Langzhi series LK under the standard ergonomic framework, the platform body and the rear display can be synchronized or lifted respectively. Through the combination of multiple devices, it can realize the operator voice pickup, regional sound reinforcement, remote conference, distributed KVM operation, wireless tablet visualization operation and other functions.
Ergonomic design dreamy feeling: make the most out of human potential to protect the physical mental health of the operators improve the working efficiency.
Fametal console
Fametal console
Fametal console
  • Environmental awareness

    FAMETAL fully consider the recyclability. Choose environmental materials, process treatment, energy saving and environmental protection, to ensure that the staff of the control center will not inhale harmful gases from the FAMETAL products. The earth is not inherited from our fathers, but we borrow from our own descendants. Choose FAMETAL, choose environmental protection.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is one of the core values of FAMETAL and our responsibility now and future, values deeply embedded in our companies and permeate our systems and processes because of our commitment to the planet and our commitment to respecting the environment.