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Console layout analysis
With the development of technology, all kinds of high-tech products for command centers continue to appear, command centers need to access more and more equipment, the operations
become increasingly complex, The dispatching hall is increasingly demanding for the layout.
FAMETAL will design different layouts according to different console centers, so that the control center can achieve the planning and use effect of team cooperation and function division, so as to highlight the vital role of the command center.
Ergonomic analysis
The console is designed to meet functional, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.
At the same time, it meets the requirements of ergonomic and human factors such as visual distance, Angle, keyboard height and knee space
Content of the ergonomic study
  • Content of the ergonomic study
  • Reasonable visual distance and perspective
  • Perspective analysis
  • Touch range of the hand
  • Working table height
  • Working table width
  • Work table depth
  • Arrangement of the console
Control center temperature analysis
The heat source in the control center includes
large screen, plasma, computer host, display, lighting and human
Work environment constant temperature
Effect of temperature and relative humidity
Air quality, precision and dust control
Control centers acoustic analysis
overall consideration
Ensure the privacy of the control room, clarity of speech, avoid hearing damage, reduce recall, reduce noise
Internal and external synthesis
Building internal and external facilities sound / control indoor and outdoor facilities sound and human voice comprehensive consideration, based on the objective acoustic conditions, according to the local conditions of the acoustic design
Multi-way noise reduction
Traditional A (Absorb), B (Block), C (Cover up ) noise reduction, including noise reduction from the noise source
Control center lighting analysis
adopt measures local conditions
According to the natural lighting, lighting coefficient and the surface decoration color, the color temperature of the main lighting , light source color is determined to solve the problem of the overall brightness color contrast
Coordinate the lights
According to the natural direct and reflected light, give a professional lighting and regional light planning to make to achieve harmony and perfection. Science reduces the direct and indirect glare
Overall consideration
Ambient light, display inclination, adjacent building, task nature, user and other multiple factors
Professional color selection
Recommend console color according to color science and psychology,Consider the light and shadow effect, comfort the control room operators of the heart is tired