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"Fantasy" series is the future console developed by fametal with many years of console professional experience. Relying on the forward-looking design of connecting the future, the overall top-level consideration, the integration of multi-material functions and appearance, and the unique cable management technology have become the choice of high-end customers.

Product idea

The polygonal modeling and advanced technology application make the "magic quencher · CA" console users immerse themselves in technology and experience the feeling of meeting the future.

Fametal console
Fametal console

Combination of traditional and new materials + multifunctional inclined table = functional and practical

The line of "fantasy · CA" is simple, but it does not lack all kinds of elements of transformers in "fantasy" series products. The micro inclined design and rigid structure that can bear double-layer display make "fantasy · CA" more scientific and practical. New double deck table design, office area division is more significant, office efficiency is higher.

Design advantages
  • Fametal console
    Multifunctional inclined table
    The multi-functional inclined table design makes the small desktop equipment have fixed embedded position, which plays a good role in desktop planning and improves the efficiency of command and control.
    Pull aluminum & sound absorbing side panel
    High strength aluminum pulling support and flexible material application make it possible to clean, replace and absorb sound, effectively improve office quality, reduce work pressure and soften work spirit.
    Solid support feet
    The new polygon element design and the application of die-casting metal materials expand the stress area of the support foot, scientifically increase the stability of the product, and make the product more robust and durable.
    High strength aluminum profile
    The 306mm high multi slot wall hanging aluminum profile can use the display bracket to hang the display on the back panel, saving the table space and achieving the control efficiency of one machine with multiple screens.
    Reasonable wiring system
    Strong and weak current two-way wiring channel, the channel distance is more than 30cm, reduce the signal interference of strong current to weak current, and ensure the efficient operation of equipment.
Ergonomic design dreamy feeling: make the most out of human potential to protect the physical mental health of the operators improve the working efficiency.
Fametal console
Fametal console
Fametal console
  • Environmental awareness

    FAMETAL fully consider the recyclability. Choose environmental materials, process treatment, energy saving and environmental protection, to ensure that the staff of the control center will not inhale harmful gases from the FAMETAL products. The earth is not inherited from our fathers, but we borrow from our own descendants. Choose FAMETAL, choose environmental protection.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is one of the core values of FAMETAL and our responsibility now and future, values deeply embedded in our companies and permeate our systems and processes because of our commitment to the planet and our commitment to respecting the environment.