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Under the background of big data, small telepathy, cloud computing and Internet of things era, fametal redefines the console from the perspective of aesthetics, quality and functional application, creating the era of console 4.0.

Product idea

Modern people are more and more inclined to simple theme, simple line and surface expression to complete the purpose of the whole command and control center space, such a design can stimulate the deep love of the work of office staff to a certain extent. The designer concentrates on the research and development of the simple console of modern command and control center. It evolves and extends in geometric form to create the extremely simple magic quencher KF console. Magic geometry symbolizes simplicity and future. One point, one line and one plane, thinking jumps between points and lines. The whole design reflects the rational office philosophy of the command and control center.

Fametal console
Fametal console

Refuse mediocrity and make products more brilliant

People need to think, just as space needs breathing, structure, simplification, natural layout, the overall solution of the console, so that the command and control center has a better office operation experience. Classic long table layout, maximize space utilization. The desktop design in one go makes the space wider, even the mood is suddenly bright. The design of electric retractable table and cabinet can effectively support the table while scientific storage of equipment and wiring, improve the operating experience of office staff, release space and smooth communication; the changeable combination mode jumps a kind of unspeakable flexibility, and the fashionable and classic design turns it into a kind of elegant taste. The space is combined with art, and the illusionist KF console abandons all insistence The cumbersome rules can simplify the complexity and make innovation start again.

Design advantages
  • Fametal console
    Side plate
    The side plate material can be matched according to the specific scene of the customer, and the customer logo can be placed, and the luminous effect can also be made.
    Open design
    The upper and lower parts of the console adopt open design, and the equipment is placed in the middle, which increases the activity space of personnel;
    Scalable design
    The design of the table and box of the electric retractable console facilitates the installation and post maintenance cleaning, and improves the sense of operation and experience;
    Separate back panel
    Independent back panel display system, can display seat name, can also achieve the functions of face brushing attendance management.
    Modular combination
    The new modular combination form is adopted to make the appearance fresh;
Ergonomic design dreamy feeling: make the most out of human potential to protect the physical mental health of the operators improve the working efficiency.
Fametal console
Fametal console
Fametal console
  • Environmental awareness

    FAMETAL fully consider the recyclability. Choose environmental materials, process treatment, energy saving and environmental protection, to ensure that the staff of the control center will not inhale harmful gases from the FAMETAL products. The earth is not inherited from our fathers, but we borrow from our own descendants. Choose FAMETAL, choose environmental protection.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is one of the core values of FAMETAL and our responsibility now and future, values deeply embedded in our companies and permeate our systems and processes because of our commitment to the planet and our commitment to respecting the environment.