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The Fantasy series consoles are the series future consoles developed by FAMETAL leveraging its long-term experience with consoles.The Fantasy series consoles rely on the future forward-looking design, the overall top-level consideration, the perfect integration of the multi material the beauty, the individual cable management technology,It has become high-end customers' first choice。

Product idea

Relying on the expertise gained by FAMETAL in the technologies industries related to control consoles over the years with an accurate understing of the development trend,the design of the Fantasy OG is future-proof.With consider-ations given to biomechanics,indoor optics mechanical acoustics the overall top-level perspectives,human-machine engineering design is implemented to protect the health of the operators in an all-round manner.

Fametal console
Fametal console

Three-dimensional sense of space Grinding process Enough legroom

FAMETAL in the fantasy series for the first time in different areas of the different views of the designer to control the design subversion of the product design.Get rid of the traditional console designers only to practical products is discussed as the most important consideration,in ensuring the product function is not to be cut at the same time,both the appearance of the product design,the magic OG product as an important product design,the magic OG products as an important product of second generation of magic series products,in the design process more consideration to the impact of high performance graphics the working envir-onment for the staff mood.With rhombic design angual multilateral,more efficiency comm contral the race against time,in the graphic positive effect on mood.

Design advantages
  • Fametal console
    Open back wall
    The design of permeable double-sided back plate wall has better operation visual ductility and higher space utilization rate. At the same time, combined with the application of multiple materials, it demonstrates the people-oriented product concept of FAMETAL.
    Tensile aluminum & Tilt design
    The appearance is designed with slanted language to keep the visual power direction of the console consistent with the working direction and increase the tension of the console.
    Hanging box type suspended bottom cabinet
    The suspension box design not only meets the main engine placement, but also adds more leg-stretching space, in line with the people-oriented design concept.
    Natural air cooling and cooling systems
    The natural air cooling cooling system breaks through the original bottom cooling design and adopts the new concept of post-desktop cooling, with ventilation rate up to 72%, which solves the harm of machine temperature to human health.
    Reasonable wiring system
    Strong and weak electric two-way wiring channel, the channel distance is more than 30cm, to reduce the signal interference of strong electric power to weak electric power, and to guarantee the efficient operation of the equipment.
    Multi-functional inclined table
    The design of multi-function inclined mesa enables the small desktop equipment to have a fixed embedded position, which plays a good role in the desktop planning and improves the command and control efficiency.
Ergonomic design dreamy feeling: make the most out of human potential to protect the physical mental health of the operators improve the working efficiency.
Fametal console
Fametal console
Fametal console
  • Environmental awareness

    FAMETAL fully consider the recyclability. Choose environmental materials, process treatment, energy saving and environmental protection, to ensure that the staff of the control center will not inhale harmful gases from the FAMETAL products. The earth is not inherited from our fathers, but we borrow from our own descendants. Choose FAMETAL, choose environmental protection.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is one of the core values of FAMETAL and our responsibility now and future, values deeply embedded in our companies and permeate our systems and processes because of our commitment to the planet and our commitment to respecting the environment.