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The MET-B conference table can raise the display as a whole during the combat command emergency dispatch, so that the conference table can display information to each participant in an all-round way, collect information, and make timely decisions.

Product concept

The conference table is the intelligent command center: the MET-B can raise the display as a whole during the emergency dispatch of the combat command, so that the conference table can display information to each participant, and become a command center to collect information and make timely decisions. The intelligent conference table drops the display, participants can communicate without barriers, smooth research and judgment.

Fametal console
Fametal console

Lattice type inclined leg steel frame suspended box

The "fantasy · met" console with forward-looking design connects future demand and Technology (a (AI Artificial Intelligence), B (blockchain), C (cood Computing Cloud Computing), D (bigdata big data)), which will never be out of date. High quality cold rolled steel plate, high pressure laminate (HPL), high pressure laminate (HPL) and galvanostatic board (polymerized by wood fiber and thermosetting resin) are selected as materials, which are fireproof, wear-resistant, scratch resistant and corrosion-resistant. Cable management technology eliminates the possibility of radiation interference and electromagnetic signal interference. Make the equipment run as stable as a rock. From the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and other 360 degree care of users' physical and mental health, so that staff more comfortable, more efficient.

Design advantages
  • Fametal console
    Intelligent lifting desk
    Dual function conference table, both temporary ordinary conference negotiation function, when the middle display rises, it also has emergency command and control function.
    Lattice steel frame support
    The conference table is designed with lattice type inclined leg steel frame, which not only meets the requirements of supporting the box body, but also has the sense of sculpture and the rule of formal beauty.
    Design of suspended box
    The suspension box design not only meets the requirements of the host and the lifting column, but also increases the leg extension space, which is more in line with the ergonomic design.
    Intelligent power track
    Portable power module design, the module can move any position, convenient for temporary office; safe operation of power rail, rotary switch operation is convenient and simple.
Ergonomic design dreamy feeling: make the most out of human potential to protect the physical mental health of the operators improve the working efficiency.
Fametal console
Fametal console
Fametal console
  • Environmental awareness

    FAMETAL fully consider the recyclability. Choose environmental materials, process treatment, energy saving and environmental protection, to ensure that the staff of the control center will not inhale harmful gases from the FAMETAL products. The earth is not inherited from our fathers, but we borrow from our own descendants. Choose FAMETAL, choose environmental protection.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is one of the core values of FAMETAL and our responsibility now and future, values deeply embedded in our companies and permeate our systems and processes because of our commitment to the planet and our commitment to respecting the environment.