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People-oriented, the idea of smart city construction has changed


This year, is the first year of 14 15. The 14th Five-Year Plan calls for unswervingly building a digital China, so we have noticed that digital economy construction is a key point at this year's two sessions.

Under the premise of the vigorous development of new infrastructure last year, digitalization will also accelerate in the 14th and 15th period. As the basic unit of building digital China, promoting the construction of new smart city has become a strategic choice for modern cities to reshape the development of new advantages and seize the commanding heights of competition.

Some cities in China began to explore smart cities in 2008. In terms of technology, the Internet had already arisen, but the mobile Internet had not yet been opened, cloud computing, AI, big data and other technologies were still in the conceptual stage, and the communication network was still 3G. And the government has no clear understanding of what a smart city should be and how to build it. Therefore, at that stage, the most talked about is digital city, and the main approach at that time was based on the business system, that is, the digitalization of business.

With the improvement of technology and cognition, the construction of smart city has gradually entered the second stage since 2015, and smart city has become an important starting point for the new urbanization of China. The phase, the mobile Internet popularization, the habits of people have major migration, at the same time, cloud, big data, successively into the practical application of artificial intelligence, wisdom, the focus of the construction of city is to promote government affairs information system integration sharing break the information island and data segmentation, on the basis of through set up a "can see, can, thinking" of urban management monitoring system, The transformation of urban management from "empirical governance" to "scientific governance" has been realized.

A real smart city should not only make the government's decisions smarter, more accurate and more scientific, but also make the city users' perception of the city more efficient and convenient, and lead a happier life. From the second half of 2020, the third phase of smart city - new smart city. In the new smart city, everyone will benefit: the government will improve its management, enterprises will improve their competitiveness, and citizens will improve their happiness.

In the second stage, the city brain helps the city realize the purpose of intelligent governance. And on the third stage, the new type of intelligent city only a brain that is not enough, but also intelligent connection such as "trunk", and intelligent interactive "features" and "hands", jointly build a covered cities "feeling, preach, know and use" system, plus full domain data throughout the city ran to the cloud platform, make the data and artificial intelligence like blood circulation flowing, Finally, an open, adaptive and self-learning intelligence system can be formed.

The intelligent carrier is just like the "human body". It not only has the "brain", but also has "blood, muscles, nerves, hands, feet and torso". Each part of the body has its own function, and they can cooperate intelligently to complete more functions.

As the carrier of direct connection between people and equipment, the professional console is indispensable and occupies an important position. First, it brings together the historical experience of many cities and enterprises. Second, new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain will be integrated to generate fission innovation. The third is to open the ecosystem, integrating the government, customers and enterprises. Fourth, there is a top-level design, complete structure, to meet the needs of unified planning, step by step implementation, not only can avoid detours, but also can adapt to the needs and flexible expansion.

Reviewing the three stages of smart city, it is a gradual process from digitalization to intelligence and then to intelligence. The digital stage is driven by the system, the intelligent stage is led by the city brain, and the intelligent stage is supported by the intelligent carrier.

The new smart city is speeding up, and the smart carrier is becoming the standard

At this year's "two sessions", how to formulate the economic and social development goals of the first year of the "fourteenth Five-year plan", and how to respond to the demands of the people in the "people's livelihood list" have become two major points of interest, which is directly related to the development of new smart cities.

Why is the construction of new smart city so important? This depends on its social value. First, it's about people's happiness. Second, it determines the operational efficiency and governance level of the city. Third, it is the driving force for sustainable urban development and innovation.

FAMETAL professional intelligent console, starting from the top-level design, combined with more than ten years of experience to form the government and enterprise intelligent upgrade reference framework, based on function, with artificial intelligence as the core, to build a three-dimensional perception, global coordination, accurate judgment and continuous evolution, open, intelligent control carrier.

It can be said that the smart console is a carrier to help the new smart city to land efficiently and quickly, and also the basic skeleton to support the continuous growth, development and evolution of the future smart city.

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