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How to keep pace with the times in the information age?


With the explosive development of 5g, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies and the concept of intelligent public security, the era of "smart police" has quietly arrived.

How to adapt to this irresistible trend of development, how to promote the integration of Internet and public security service business, how to make the police station transform from "sweat policing" to "intelligent policing", so as to realize the intellectualization of policing and make the reform of policing mechanism to a new level are the important directions of the development of police work.

Fametal intelligent console overall solution, which has been deeply cultivated in smart policing for many years, is an indispensable force in this transformation and upgrading. Constant characteristic innovation enables traditional policing to plug in the "wings" of wisdom and realize qualitative leap forward.
Information construction is the cornerstone
Big data is an information resource and a necessary fuel reserve for smart policing. There is no doubt that the combat effectiveness of public security police needs information resources. It can promote the innovation of police mechanism, enhance the efficiency of police work, and comprehensively enhance the actual combat ability of public security organs.
On the one hand, the dynamic public security requires the public security organs to make efficient and scientific decisions in the shortest possible time, which determines that the public security organs need to master more and more information resources, and the related basic work is becoming more and more arduous. On the other hand, the traditional pattern of fragmentation of public security business makes information resources appear fragmented and primitive, and a large number of idle and waste, which makes it difficult to form enough intelligence information in time and meet the needs of service decision-making and service support. It can be said that the current fragmented information distribution status is more and more incompatible with the actual needs of timely and efficient decision-making, and the integration and application of information resources need to be broken through.
Get through the "last mile" of serving the masses
In addition to building an information framework close to the actual combat of public security, helping the public security department to better crack down on crimes in the front line, how to better serve the grassroots police and the masses has also been an important issue in the process of public security informatization.

For this reason, many public security departments, such as public security organs, household administration, traffic control, immigration, fire protection, and other public security business departments, through building smart police service platform, bring relevant administrative affairs into the platform, and deal with more household registration, residence permit, housing lease and other businesses for the masses, relying on smart police platform to provide more convenient service.

In the future, with the expansion and upgrading of the smart police platform, the service content of the platform will continue to be enriched. The most important means of "police service" is to use police technology to improve people's life.
Breaking data islands
At present, many local public security organs have set up their own intelligence centers and data platforms. However, the phenomenon of data isolated island has not been broken, and the information sharing degree between public security organs and other departments and other local public security organs is limited. The police big data platform has limited performance in the face of massive and discrete data. Fametal intelligent console overall solution provides a stack of big data application analysis services for the police.
Enhance the ability of comprehensive management

As an important part of the construction of smart city, the modernization of urban social governance plays a more and more important role in smart policing, and its comprehensive management ability for police affairs has also become a new demand.

This requires the intelligent police console to break the previous product thinking, use the integrated solution to enable the police, through new technology, new technology, full scene solutions and other means, around the "governance matters supervision", "people's security and livelihood services", "data analysis, research and judgment", "risk assessment and early warning", "decision-making and dispatching command" and other modules to comprehensively serve the city governance.
Since its establishment, fametal has been playing its own advantages and expertise, galloping in the smart police track. Create a series of intelligent console overall solutions, fametal Pegasus because of its quality and innovative spirit, is constantly injecting power into the core competitiveness of enterprises.

After innovation and enterprising, responsibility is integrated into daily life, which is a kind of craftsman's spirit to deeply cultivate the industry. This kind of spirit is essential to the intelligent policing and any other industry.

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