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Fametal console


our global vision,a world-class design capability,
intemational service standards and to design the ultimate
pursuit for a common goal better life experience and the
creation of more lasting customer value.

Municipal public security bureau

Counter Terrorism command Center


FAMETAL carried out comprehensive information upgrade construction in the command hall, synthetic operations room and other areas, strengthened intelligence information collection and analysis, research and judgment early warning, and focused on improving the predictive early warning and prevention ability.

Provincial airport Public Security Bureau

Command center total solution


FAMETAL participated in the creation of the "four-type airport" of the Civil Aviation Administration. Through the application of various intelligent new technologies, FAMetal has achieved more comprehensive interconnection, more effective exchange and sharing, and more collaborative management applications, forming a safe, green and smart airport with smart safety, smart operation and smart service.

Beijing traffic control Technology new building

Intelligent dispatching center


FAMETAL Pegasus helped the first batch of science and technology listed enterprises Beijing Traffic Control Technology to build a new building intelligent dispatch center, which improved the comprehensive service capabilities of coordination, centralized control, operation analysis, and emergency support.

Tianzhu Group

Dispatching control center


FAMETAL improves the quality control level of Tianzhu Iron and Steel Company by tracing the product quality of the whole process. By using the digital model, it realizes the digital twin of iron and steel enterprises, improves the digital level of enterprises, and finally realizes the goal of low cost, stable quality and high efficiency of steel production.

Provincial power company

Command center total solution


FAMETAL has created intelligent console overall solutions for a provincial power company and put them into use to help customers build marketing systems and improve the level of informatization.

Guohua Power command center



Guohua Electric Power Command Center selects FAMETAL intelligent high-order conference table and console to create a more comfortable, convenient and beautiful command environment.