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FAMETAL, galloping, symbolizes the great spirit of overcoming the constraints of the industry.
FAMETAL, a growing enterprise, a creative enterprise, a dream enterprise, was founded in 2003.
FAMETAL is making unremitting efforts to become a respected international intelligent console overall solution pioneer.
With the whole process of controlled manufacturing strength and quick response
· Fully introduce advanced production equipment from Germany and Canada.
· The whole production line: bending, welding, edge sealing, electroplating, drawing, painting, spraying, assembly.
· Multiple automated production lines to create an Industry 4.0 manufacturing base.
Complete production line
Strict supply chain management, meticulous production control, multiple guarantees of structure and process, to meet customers' needs for product customization.

Different control centers should match different personalized solutions. Each control center's unique spatial data, user biomechanical data, and actual geographical location optics should have a personalized position configuration, staffing, ergonomics, and efficiency perspective.

Personalized product design
The color, material, length and other aspects of the FAMETAL console can be selected according to the actual situation of customers and the principles of formal beauty, to meet the personalized needs of customers and make the control center different.
Personalized layout design
The length, width, height, floor condition and shape of each control center are different, and the division of functional areas, job responsibilities and collaboration, and the number of seats within each control center are different. This requires a very experienced and in-depth understanding of the industry characteristics of the designer to give the most appropriate personalized layout.
Personalized cultural design
Each unit or region has its own unique culture, FAMETAL can express this personalized culture through various ways, so that people inside and outside the unit can clearly understand the unit and corporate culture.
Personalized ergonomic design
The man-machine functions of the console are closely related to the actual data and work tasks of the user. The light reflection of natural light outside different buildings and adjacent buildings, the light conditions inside the building, and the acoustic conditions inside and outside the building are different, which determines that the ergonomic design most suitable for the control center must be personalized.
FAMETAL's services for the major industries supporting the national economy and people's livelihood have received extensive attention from the society. Taking CCTV's report on FAMETAL as an example, FAMETAL helped the "China Sky Eye" and Yinchuan Smart City, which were known as the "19th National Congress". FAMETAL provides total control console solutions and customized personalized solutions for many major projects.

· China's Eye of Heaven: The "19th National Congress" is called a great power
· The world's most sensitive radio telescope
· Foreign media: "China's eye" will continue to lead the world for 20 years

Public security, traffic control, prison, civil air defense, fire protection

Army, Air Force, Navy, armed police, strategic support

Railway, port, Traffic Administration, Civil Aviation Administration, rail transit, airport aviation, aerospace, highway

State Grid, Southern Power Grid, power plant, petrochemical, iron and steel coal, metallurgy, water, meteorology, environmental protection

Ministries, public institutions, special agencies, emergency command centers, smart cities, quality supervision Bureau, Meteorological Bureau, environmental protection Bureau, earthquake Bureau, television, radio, financial media, etc

Banking, insurance, securities, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, industrial enterprises, Internet enterprises, scientific research institutions

We always believe that design creates value!
In order to have a better growth in China and the world,
FAMETAL is willing to be the creator of excellent design and the disseminator of the progress of The Times.