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Innovation and integration, fametal wins the China Red Star Design Award


On December 9, 2020, the so-called "Oscar" of China's design industry, the award ceremony of China's "Red Star Design Award 2020" was announced in Beijing International Wealth Center.

The Red Star Award, known as the "Oscar of China's design industry", is one of the most influential design awards in China. It was once praised by CCTV as "the only design award with international influence in China".
The theme of the 2020 Red Star Award is "the power of convergence of the times". It encourages and advocates a wide range of innovative subjects to use cutting-edge technology and design thinking to provide optimized solutions for people's life, enterprise production, urban management and supply services, and promote cooperation between designers and scientists to create more high-quality supplies.

As a high-tech enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the field of console for many years, fametal Pegasus adheres to innovative design, realizes self breakthrough, and continues to create good products for the enterprise.

Design and technological innovation

The magic quencher 4.0 series GN (Pegasus wing) console of fametal Pegasus stands out from more than 7000 participating products provided by more than 5000 units around the world, and has won the prize through the final evaluation! In addition to the appearance of innovative design, but also depends on technological innovation.

Magic quencher 4.0 series GN (wings of Pegasus)

Inspired by the hovering aircraft, the console of phantom quencher 4.0-gn (Pegasus wing) is simple and light, and the flying frame is suspended on the reduced box. Integrated design, elegant in a kind of momentum and strength, highly recognizable.

·Intelligent lifting: breaking the sedentary habit, one key to open sitting station alternative office, for health + points!
·Intelligent color matching light belt: desktop lifting interactive light, giving users a better use experience.
·Independent Mini Cabin: automatic mechanical opening mode.
·Central control system: control of audio and video, environment, lifting, lighting alarm device, cabin maintenance, etc.
·3D face recognition system: to ensure information security, with software technology to play a greater value.

·Charging of smart wireless mobile phone: the mobile phone can be charged as soon as it is released, and it is no longer necessary to frequently plug in the charger.

Phantom 4.0 series GN (Pegasus wing) console balances the design concept and commercial elements. After professional design by engineers, it can ensure that they can accommodate multi screen layout and technical equipment. Moreover, fametal Pegasus hopes to provide an office experience that can really make the operator's work easier and healthier.

Dare to be the first in the world

Why does Pegasus have the spirit of "daring to be the first in the world"? Modern society needs to explore and innovate. Innovation is the idea, the idea and the direction. The writing should be strategic and the implementation should be systematic. Pegasus "dare to be the first in the world" is reflected in research, design, materials, manufacturing and other aspects. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and big data, Pegasus perfectly combines creativity and productivity, making products continuously updated in the grinding of high-tech, leading the intelligent process of the industry.

"Taking products as the center and core technology as the foundation, we should continue to practice and innovate boldly. As long as we persist in doing the right things, we will surely achieve new breakthroughs in time. "
This is the product innovation route practiced by Pegasus for more than ten years, and it is also the R & D goal of every Pegasus engineer.

Challenges and surmounting time after time have reshaped Pegasus' definition of brand value, and constantly convey the power of breakthrough, innovation and endless generation. Insisting on originality and rejecting convention is the attitude that fametal Pegasus has never changed since its establishment, which is also the most valuable thing of the enterprise.

From innovation to breakthrough is the only way for industrial upgrading. Fametal Pegasus is the pioneer of this road, and will continue to explore new and further scientific and technological milestones.

Innovation not only, the road of flying horse's honor is not finished to be continued

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